Today not many important news:
9:00 - GBP Halifax HPI m/m
16:00 - Ivey PMI



This down trend can be ABC or 1-3 move. Both should end somewhere in blue zone.
But after it move up will be different. If its ABC it should be much stronger.

But in longer term i see situation different:

It can be triangle and e can be last move down and than it will be continuation of move up.
With this scenario if move stops on blue zone from first screen it should be wave 4 and than wave 5 (e) should end on black trend line.
If AUD/USD will breake blue zone it should stop on trend line and begin new up move.

Anyway strategy is: if i get signal in blue zone i will open position. If AUD/USD breake it i will wait till it reach close to bottom trend line and than after buy signal open position

On rest pairs almost nothing change from yesterday. I'm looking on GBP/JPY for long in consolidation zone.