New month. I hope it will be good one ;)

Today many news.


AUD/USD is on B wave of ABC correction. No position on this wave. Bottom of wave C will be good point to open long.

GBP/JPY - i dont see clear situation. It is or in B wave or it can even be in wave 1 of new move up. I will wait for more clear situation.

EUR/USD - double top - now move down. But i think its just correction and we will see 1 more up wave.


GBP/USD is in correction wave 4. It should stop somewhere in blue zone which is between 50 and 61,8% of wave 3 and 100pips from top - just like correction wave 2. 


Strong 3 waves move down.  Now its in wave 4. If it come to S/R level marked black line, and close to 50% of wave 3 and give signal of course I will open posistion there,