11:22 GBP/USD Second position closed on SL 1.57015. +24pips with 13pips SL

10:44 slower DT on 5min chart gave sell signal. Im moving SL to: 1.57015

10:23  1 position closed on SL. +34pips with 13pips SL.

10:15 SL for short position moved to 1.56910 over top of little move where faster DT gave sell signal

09:45 - GBP/USD SL on BE for both positions: 1.57245

Potential targets of GBP/USd short:

I have made projections of 1-3waves from point 4 and 2-3 wave from point 4.

After reaching first blue level i will def short term position close, after reaching second blue i will def long term position closer.