Short on GBP/JPY
Sell signals on H1 and slow DT on 5min TF.

128.030.  SL 128. 128
 SL = 10pips.

There is sell signal on AUD/USD but price is 17pips from last high and potentail SL. Its too high for me.

Short on AUD/USD SL 1.07890

SL on GBP/JPY  -10pips. But im reopening it with SL on 128.230

Another SL on GBP/JPY -20pips today.

10:05 I shouldnt reopen GBP/JPY that fast. It should be reopen from m1.

But anyway if i get sell signal on 5min i can still get shorts there.

10:52 GBP/JPY close to reopen.

10:58 1 low risk position on GBP/JPY opened with SL 128.148

11:30 SL moved to 127.940

12:00 SL on AUD/USD moved to 1.07740 below open.

12:37 GBP/JPY SL moved 127.740

13:15 SL AUD/USD 0pips

14:00 GBP/JPY on SL +26pips.