GBP/USD is near 50% - it "likes" this level. I will look at it. But no decision yet of course - if i get strong signals on both time frames (slower DT = stronger) i can open long 1 more. But only with little SL.

Well situation changed anyway - that was too rapid move.  So no longs now - im looking for another level.

14:35 SL -7pisp. Im still looking for longs.

If i get stop loss i will look for reopen.

14:14    1.58070   SL 1.58005  GBP/USD longs


14:10 Im prepared for GBP/USD long

I had delated my post about AUD/USD while i was giving potential targets. So target first than i will try to find opening of AUD/USD position...


Minimum is 38,2 of this wave down - this is target for short term - after reaching trend line and somwhere near 38,2 i will defend position closer (can be below last 5min bar)
Target for long term is somewhere between 50 and 61,8 - but of course it can happen that trend become strong and position will last longer.

Ok here it is all (with SL position too of course) 

 BE on AUD/USD positions and im waiting for correction on 5min TF on GBP/USD to take longs.

 There is buy signal on GBP/USD but i will w8 for signal on 5min too.

 13:35 Reopened 1.06600. SL 1.06515

SL but i can still re-open if i get another buy signal.

There are few reasons why i opened this postion.

1. 78,6 Fibo of last last up move.
2. Trend line (im using them sometimes when they fit - just like S/R levels, sometimes some AT formation too)
3. Down move has lenght of almost 160pips - and it fit to last AUD/USD trend moves. From 150 to 180pips.

Potential of transaction is not so big. Just some Fibo levels of this 160pips move down.
12:07 New position: AUD/USD long 1.06693 SL 1.06570