11:10 GBP/USD is on 78,6 of last move up. And 100% of 3 waves move down on 15minute chart. If i get signals i will long it.

And 15minute chart:

From now i will change posting. When i open position updates of position will be below.

So new SL move etc will be below older update now over like it was before..

12:05 - im waiting for correction and buy signal on 5minute chart.  I will probably open position in such situation with SL just below last low - not H1 low.

12:20 Opened longs 1.517150 RL1.57060

12:30 SL looking for re-open

Re-open 1.67090 SL1.6693

Second Stop loss. Thats not my time.

It stoped on low of my reverse level. And i will probably re-open it 1 last time.

13:15 Last re-open at 1.56970 with SL 1.56880.
Potential targets are really good thats why im trying to get it.

This is reason why i opened this transaction 3 times. I had buy signal on 1H and 3 signals on 5minute. Thats sometimes can happen thats why im trying to stick with close SL:
On slow DT You can see 3 buy signals. After first 2 it fall down. I hope that will not happen now.

Another SL. 3 positions. -34pips.