10:00 Long term closed on BE. 0pips.

09:30 Short term position closed on SL + 27pips with 12pips SL.
Long Term position is still open.

09:08 Short term position SL moved to 1.32565 - sell signal on DT in 5min TF - SL just above last high.

08:45  Potential targets:

Blue marked lvl is target for short term position. Its minimum of correction - 38,2 and abot 120 pips from maximum = length of last down move correction waves 2 and 4.

Long term position can move further somewhere between 50% and 61,8.

08:25 SL moved on BE 1.32820

07:56 Orders opend at 1.32828 SL 1.32940. SL = 12pips.

I will try to defend this position on begin - situation is still not clear. But potential of correction is really big.