15:52 Short term position SL move to 102.410.

16:35 SL moved on BE for both positions.

 Orders opened at buy stops: 102.323 SL: 102.190 SL = 13,5pips

Its falling down i canceled buy stops.

I have signals both on H1 and 5min. I put Buy Stops over last 5min bar.

Now i expect that price will reach another Fibo levels group - that mean about 25pips lower level. There i will look for position.

15:56 SL - 9,5pips

Im still watching EUR/JPY and i can re-open

15:50 SL - move 1,5pips down. We shouldnt move SL but its just 1,5pips.
15:35  EUR/JPY I opened longs. It seems little risky but SL is only 8pips.
102.540 Open price
102.460 SL

EUR/JPY situation:

EUR/JPY had strong up trend in H1. There was ABC correction and now we are at 2 correction wave of new up trend. It looks like v interesting for me.