20:30  SL 10pips. Seems trend was too rapid.

Probably i wll look for somthing 1 last time

SL -11 pips - still looking for some trades

I owe You USD/CAD chart ;)

18:07 USD/CAD opened on 0.99672 SL 0.99720 SL 11 pips.
Edit 18:34 sorry SL is on 0.99572 of course... 

AUD/USD signals too but too large SL.

18:04 Buy stops USD/CAD 0.99672 - can be moved down with price and bars.

18:00 Now i know nothing ;) - im just looking on corrections breaking all levels and thinking - wtf? Still w8ing for potential coming back to yesterday trends - but its less and less propable. So it can means that stop of this little madness is close.

17:00 Few pairs are on potential levels, im w8ing for DT giving signals.

15:20 we have at least corrections on some pairs - and slowly, slowly i begin to look for some trades with trends like EUR/JPY shorts or USD/CAD longs.

12:55 GBP/JPY SL 123.405. +53pips with 9pips SL.

12:27 SL for long term position moved to 123.405 due to 15min DT buy signal.

11:07  I still dont see anything else. But of course i have analysis of all pairs im trading on. So if i see somthing i will post it.

First on blog ;)

 10:10 Short position closed on SL: 123.401.
+53pips with 9pips SL.
 Long term position SL moved to 123.260

Targets for long term:

 2 levels market blue - over last high of wave 1.
Fibo levels are:
1. Projection of wave 1 from point 2
2.Revers projection of wave 2.

Short term position defending closer - below 5min bars.

Im sorry guys i dodnt have time to write anything.
I opened positions on GBB/JPY

Its first and last time when i didnt inform about it on blog. I was really busy.

Long term is on BE. Short term is defended closer.

 Open price was 122.866